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Kids engage in social studies, language arts, art, and science while addressing world issues.

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Help your kids identify relevant issues. Then encourage them to express themselves with letters of praise or concern. Petitions, informational pickets, drawings, poems, essays -- there are many ways for kids to be heard. After all this is their world. We grownups are just borrowing it.

If it's an issue involving the U.S. government, write to:

(Your U.S. Representative's name)
United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

(Your U.S. Senator's name)
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

(Here are sites to help you find your Representative or Senator)

Current Topic Ideas:

Kids and Safe Toys
Choking Hazard

Kids and Safe Food
Toxic Popcorn Bags

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Kids and Safe Toys

Choking Hazard

(Submitted by student Jeff Hansen)

Recently you may have seen the news about the three young kids
ranging from 3 to 6 years of age seriously injured (and one two-year old killed) after swallowing small magnets from a set of toys called Magnetix. The manufacturer has made no recall of the toy, although it has a toy substitution offer. But Magnetix is still on the shelves of many retail stores. You may want to have your students discuss the situation and decide if the company has gone far enough to keep kids safe.

Here are some resources to help you research this toy safety issue:

Magnetix Replacement Program

News Story About the Issue

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Bulletin

Who to Contact:

Victor Bertrand, Chairman, Board of Directors

Marc Bertrand, CEO

Vic Bertrand, COO

Mega Bloks Inc. (the parent company)
  4505 Hickmore
   Montreal, QC
   H4T 1K4
   Tel: 1-800-465-MEGA

Kids and Safe Food

Toxic Popcorn Bags

(Submitted by student Jeff Hansen)

Polytetrafluoroethylene, otherwise known as PFOA, is a
chemical used by many family food brands to keep their
products from sticking to their wrappers. Sounds like a
good thing, but the durability of PFOA prevents it
from breaking down once it's in the environment. Traces of
PFOA chemicals can be found in the blood of nearly all
Americans and in the environment!

The main focus is microwave popcorn. Because of the intense
heat caused by the microwaving process, PFOA
contaminates the popcorn oils in which the kernels
cook. So more than 20 percent of the PFOA
levels in Americans are caused by microwave popcorn!
Several companies have changed their packaging habits to exclude
PFOA, but your students might want to urge the rest to get healthy and safe!

Here are some resources to help you research this food safety issue:

Scientific Article About This Issue

Science Article About PFOA

A Look At Food Packaging Safety

Who to Contact:

Philip B. Fletcher, Chairman of the Board
ConAgra, Inc.
One ConAgra Drive
Omaha, NE 68102-5001

(402) 595-4000

Even More Ideas...

Food safety is always an important topic, especially for kids whose smaller bodies can suffer bigger impacts. Have kids research and develop a plan of action for this or for other food safety issues. Then have them contact their congressional representatives (how to find your representatives is detailed above).

Here are some resources to help you research various food safety issues:

Center for Science in the Public Interest
1875 Connecticut Ave. N.W.
Suite 300
Washington, DC 20009

Organic Consumers Association
6101 Cliff Estate Rd
Little Marais, MN 55614

Vegetarian Kids and Teens (The Vegetarian Resource Group)
Factory Farm Project (working toward "healthful and humane" farms)

Let us know if you find other good websites