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As a college Internet instructor and author of The Internet Directory for Kids and Parents, I hope these resources will enhance your use of the "Net" as an educational tool. Please let me know if you come across any link on my site that makes you or your students feel unsafe. Don't let kids (this includes teens) use the Internet without active adult supervision. Be nosy. Report any inappropriate contact to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children or to your Internet Service Provider.

Sites for Internet and email beginners Using email
Keeping students safe online (Free) Clip art/images and online greeting cards
Ms. B's favorite search engines Understanding "cookies"
Reference materials (General and Internet) Putting up a Web site

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Friendly, helpful sites for Internet and email beginners (easy to use tutorials and guides)

This is what you use to store data if you want more room than floppies, but don't have a CD burner. It uses "zip disks" which hold about 40 floppies. It hooks up to your computer. Click on photo to learn more.

zip750 upgrade 120x60 

WebTeacher (tutorials in English and Spanish)
Learn the Net (tutorials in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish)

Internet 101
Netstrider Tutorials
Beginners' Central

Keeping students safe online: General info about online safety and filtering software







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Kid Safety on the Internet (good tutorial for kids)
National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families
NetSmartz Workshop (online games to teach kids Net safety)
Safe Child (staying safe on the Internet) (child safety online tips and resources)

Keeping Kids Safe (AT&

Filtering software to buy
Net Nanny
Crosswalk (Christian-based filters)

Lightdog (a family-friendly Internet browser for kids' computers)

Ms. B's favorite search engines

Build Your Own PC (very user friendly for beginners; great database)
Yahoo! en español (el buscador y directorio de webs espanolas)

(Yahoo offers search engines in many languages)
(another user friendly search engine for beginners) (features its own experts)

Internet dictionaries and general reference materials












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Ask Eric (lessons plans and other resources for teachers) (online resources to help with homework) (all kinds, in various languages)

Librarians' Index to the Internet (resources useful to library research)

Occupational Outlook Handbook (helps students research future careers)

Research-It! (your one-stop reference desk)

World Wide Web Virtual Library (millions of Web sites organized by category--for example, gardening)

The U.S. Library of Congress (visit one of the most impressive libraries in the world)

My Reference Desk (bunches of resources, but kind of messy)

Related to Internet and Computers (Internet dictionary and history)

CNET (Computer News and Information)

Internet Society (history and trends--site founded by those who founded and developed the Internet)

ISP Finder (how to get online)

Using email Free Email Providers Guide (provides a gold-star rating system for the best free email services)
Find and Use Free Email
Tutorial on email
Everything (about) email
Eudora attachments

(Free) Clip art and images and online greeting cards (Please note: Adult supervision strongly recommended.)

Corel Store 

Animation Factory
Google (click the Images tab)
Free Graphics
Clip Art 4 Free
Icon Bazaar
ClipArt Connection
Designed To a T
Clip Art Searcher
(search engine)
MediaBuilder Animation Factory
iBand free clipart mega site
Desktop Publishing
Blue Mountain Online Greeting Cards
Virtual Cyber Electronic Greeting Cards

Understanding "cookies"

234 x 60 

Electronic Privacy Information Center
Netscape's info on cookies

Putting up a Web site


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Make A Simple Website (Using Netscape Composer or MS Word)
Web Developers Virtual Library
Create an AOL Web site
Build Your Own Free Starter Web site