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Kids like you team up with teachers and nature experts to create wonderful art, essays, interviews, poems and slide shows. Learn about plants, animals and habitats from other kids.


Sea Otters

Fourth grade students in Heather Reaves' class at Amesti School in Watsonville, CA, USA, met the sea otter with the help of four special advisory groups -- Friends of the Sea Otter, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the O'Neill Sea Odyssey and Save Our Shores. Did you know sea otters have pockets? Read on for more fascinating facts.


Plants of the Chaparral

With guidance from naturalist Mike Kelly of the Friends of Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve, teacher Blake Kern's Oceanside Home Education class explored plants native to Southern California, USA. Kern created Pioneers in Plant Endangerment Research, aka PIPER, so students of all ages could participate in the research and building of an outdoor environment for unique wild plant species. See what students discovered through this exciting study project.

Big Horn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep

Suzan Clausen's Ecology Club, part of a Community Home Education Program in Southern California, worked with resource ecologist Mark Jorgensen to give you this report and drawing on Peninsular Bighorn Sheep, which are nearly extinct and live in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park east of San Diego, California USA.

San Diego Mesa Mint

The students in Kathryn Wild's Ecology Club at Hickman School studied and drew this rare mint with the help of U.S. Navy Staff Civil Engineer Department botanist Coralie Hull. They wrote this poem about the mint, which is protected along with other rare plants and animals that exist on the grounds of Miramar Naval Air Station north of San Diego, California USA.

San Diego Mesa Mint

Bears Black & Brown


With the help of local wildlife experts, Shirley Roper's students at La Costa Meadows School in Southern California prepared these brief essays and illustrations about the bears of California, USA -- including the grizzly which is now extinct in the state.

Blue Whale

Assisted by information from marine zoologists, students in Johnna Jump's class at Maryland Avenue School in LaMesa, California, USA created this essay and art on the mighty blue whale

Blue Whale

Lagoon Life

Lagoon Life

A coalition of four classes at Skyline School in Solana Beach, California, USA, joined forces with San Diego County park rangers to learn about plants and animals inhabiting a nearby lagoon. Here are their findings.

Engelmann Oak

When Sam Knott's daughter Cara was tragically killed, he decided to plant an oak in her honor. Then he figured out a way to propagate the acorns of one of the world's rarest oaks, the Engelmann. From that grew Cara's Oaks, a foundation devoted to planting the endangered oaks throughout California, their native range. See how students at Olive Peirce Middle School in Ramona, California, USA, created a memorial grove of Engelmann oaks on their school grounds with Sam's help.

Engelmann Oak

La Tortuga Verde

La Tortuga Verde

By actually raising a baby sea turtle in a giant aquarium on their school grounds, these students helped scientists, not to mention Jose the sea turtle who is now living free in the ocean somewhere. Enjoy the art, essays and poetry, created in both English and Spanish by students at the Emerson/Bandini Center for the Study of Marine Science in San Diego, California, USA.

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Along the northern coast of California, USA, is a magnificent ocean preserve for many kinds of plants and animals. Students at Farallone View School participated in reef studies and other research activities with Fitzgerald Marine Reserve rangers and docents. Here's what they learned about urchins, otters and others.

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