Welcome! Here are sites where kids can safely play and discover the world around them. If you know of scintillating educational Web sites, please email the Web address to Ms. B.

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Two Great Games from the Bell Museum
Watershed Game: There are two levels: Novices learn what a watershed is. Intermediates manage the watershed's recreation, agriculture and transportation.

Build-a-Prairie: Create a lush prairie from barren land. Learn more about what constitutes a prairie and what destroys it.

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Kids Science Games: Find brainteasers, Java/Javascript games, online games and Shockwave games.
fish image Gamequarium Science Games: Links to sites with science games, quizzes, and animations about space, nature, ecology and more!
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Jefferson Lab Games and Puzzles: Have fun with the elements, science vocabulary, math and word games.
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Cool Science for Curious Kids: Games and activities for kids, including how to see small things, identify edible plant parts, etc.
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Funbrain: Games and online activities that combine learning with fun.
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Froggy Page: Ribbit! Welcome to the Froggy Page! This corner of the net is home to all kinds of frogginess, from the silly to the scientific.
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Animal Tracks: Play games and take a virtual wilderness tour, all the while learning about Earth's delicate environment.
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Cave Entrance: Explore the underground universe of Caves! Images from around the world have been combined to generate an 'ideal' cave of major mineral deposits.
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The Tiger's Tale: The Tiger Information Center, sponsor of this site, is dedicated to preserving the five remaining subspecies of tigers. (Click on Kids or Teachers Resources)